8th of July 2014

Fourth of July celebration

As usual, we all make the most of this holiday. This year, it wound up being a bit different: a wedding reception for one of the administrators. A couple of days earlier, Beth made a personal call to tell me that not only had James proposed to her… they were happily married.

"And you didn’t invite us?" I joked.

"Civil ceremony," she replied, leaning back in her chair and smiling.

"Of course, you know that you’ll get a reception here on the 4th."

"Hell, yeah… we were counting on it!"

After the call, I informed my housemates and those in the pond. “And she didn’t tell us earlier?” Claire asked, idly scratching her stomach. “You know how Beth is,” I replied with a shrug.

Bethany wandered over, gave us an innocent smile, then asked, “Party?” “Yes, dear… we’re going to have a big party.” Of course, she squealed, then ran off to tell her friends.

And so began the holiday picnic/celebration. I don’t know what surprised the administrators more: Beth getting married or how large Claire was from the last time they saw her. “Of course, I’m huge… my due date’s in a couple of weeks,” she joked as we all assembled in the dining room. Fortunately, Beth’s call was early enough for Raoul to tweak the menu… then again, she probably planned it that way.

Unfortunately, as most gatherings go, the administrators were stuck taking care of our usual duties. From heat and fire out west, to mid-western storms, and the aftermath of a hurricane in the east, we were all kept busier that usual. Even poor Cecil was kept in the air, spending time doing recon on both coasts. As for the rest of the group… well, Mama kept them quite busy in the fields. From what Zac told me, they really didn’t mind.

Although we would have loved for our guests to stay longer, they did have to return home. “Let us know when the babies are born,” Leigh told Claire.

My sister laughed. “You know I will… Cissy would never forgive me if I didn’t.”

Jeff pulled me aside for one last conversation. “Zac and I might have a favor to ask, but we won’t be certain until Christmas.” “I’ll try to be patient,” I told him as he boarded Roanoke One.

However, I already know what the favor is… and by the large smile on his face, so does Robin. I could have told Jeff that, but why ruin the surprise?

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