1st of April 2014

One with the land

Everyone always wonders how my household is able to keep not only ourselves fed, but to also feed our guests. Of course, since we have no farm, animal products are purchased through Graeme’s sources, along with staples like spices, flour and sugar.  Fruits and vegetables… well… we discovered that it was easier to grow our own.

When I first purchased the property, I didn’t really think of crops, since there were so few of us staying here. After all, the house was to serve as a base for a mission, so our stay here was to be temporary.  However, after the mission ended, and we decided to move here permanently, more family members arrived.  I purchased as much land as possible to ensure our privacy, then we decided to start growing our own crops. I do admit that we started small, mainly to give Meodia the opportunity to exercise a latent skill for growing plants. The fact that the previous owner had planted many fruit and nut trees, along with berry bushes, was an added bonus.

We generally start our seedlings at the beginning of the year in our greenhouses. Both Mama and Meodia have worked out the planting schedule, as well as when the land needs to be plowed. The strongest in our group take care of plowing, along with Delores.  Lillianne and Hélène occasionally will help with clearing heavy clumps of dirt. If I’m not busy, I’ll mentally help clear clumps as well, along with teleporting other supplies and tending to the watering system.

Once the ground is ready, everyone, and I do mean everyone, helps with planting. Even the youngest children our out there pulling plants in their small wagons. Mama spares no one. “You eat it, you help plant it,” is her theory. The same goes for harvesting. Sturdier crops are done by the strong and fast in the house, while the rest of us handle everything else. Unfortunately, with my schedule, I’m the one who’s responsible for weeding.

The only one who has a dedicated task is Orri.  She’s responsible for the apiaries on the property, due to her gift with bees. Not only do we produce a good supply of honey, we also use the wax for candles and soap. In additions, the bees help to pollinate our crops, and on occasion, we ship bees to others. In addition, we’ve started growing cotton. This is mainly for Athena, who uses it to spin her own thread. Even with this, it gets to be a household affair. The crafters all help her clean it after it’s been picked. Carding and spinning are left to her.

To look at our fields, one would think that we’d have a surplus of crops. However, with a house filled with entities with our skills, that doesn’t happen. What isn’t immediately eaten is either frozen or canned for use in the winter. This gives both Vera and Josie a chance to donate their skills to keep the house running.

Once growing season is done, the ground is tilled one last time, then prepared for the next year’s crops. Seeds are collected, and Mama charts out the design for the next growing season. In this way, as long as we are all here, generations will always grow their own food… as well as learning how to be one with the land. Not a bad thing, in my opinion.

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